Business Opportunities: Exploring Hotel Price Fluctuations in our Data-Driven Adventure”


We are interested in analyzing the movement of hotel room prices as the booking date gets closer to the check-in date. Specifically, you want to understand how the price (ADR_USD) changes over time leading up to the check-in date. Additionally, you’re looking for suggestions on potential business opportunities related to this price movement analysis.

Here’s a breakdown of the elements in your question:

Objective: You want to understand how hotel room prices change as the check-in date approaches.

Data Attributes:

ADR_USD: The average daily rate in US dollars.
hotel_id: A unique identifier for each hotel.
city_id: A unique identifier for each city.
star_rating: The star rating of the hotel.
accommodation_type_name: The type of accommodation (e.g., standard room, suite).
chain_hotel: Indicates whether the hotel is part of a chain.
booking_date: The date when the booking was made.
checkin_date: The date when the guest is scheduled to check in.
checkout_date: The date when the guest is scheduled to check out.
Analysis Request: You mention that a more detailed description will be provided to the selected candidate. This suggests that you’re seeking a data analyst or data scientist to perform this analysis.

Business Opportunities: You’re also interested in potential business opportunities that can be derived from this analysis. This could include strategies for pricing rooms optimally, marketing campaigns, or identifying peak booking times.

To make your question even more clear and actionable, you may want to specify:

The timeframe of the data you have (e.g., historical data over the past year).
Any specific hypotheses or questions you have in mind regarding price movement.
The type of recommendations or insights you’re looking for in terms of business opportunities (e.g., should you offer discounts closer to check-in?).
With this additional information, you’ll be better equipped to communicate your needs to the selected candidate or data analyst who will be conducting the analysis.




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