Define Accounts group in SAP Fi

Create Accounts group:

Accounts group control the data that need to entered while creating master record creation. Accounts group consist definition of GL accounts vendor customer master etc.

So Accounts group is a classifying  features  with in the GL account master record. Account  group control the number range and creation of GL master with in the specific number range.

P redefine a number interval for similar GL master records and GL master with the same number interval are created in the same account group.

In order to manager or arrange large number of ledger accounts  accounts groups are created in SAP systems. There are huge list of ledger accounts and if you want to group them in certain parameter such cash group, bank group, income and expenditure group asset and liability group.

If you group them there numbering should be same means in the same sequence.

Accounts group control number range and creation of GL master. In this we group  financial statement in different grouping like balance sheet can be grouped under Asset and liabilities .Such 1 is for assets and 2 is for liability 3 as an income and 4 as an expense.

One can even sub group this group also. Such as Assets can be subgroup as Current assets or non-currents

group i

Accounts group determine the creation of Master records .It specify the range for the accounts.

An account group is a segregating or grouping the similar accounts in to single group. … The account groups in SAP specifies: The account number rage interval from which the account number is selected when you are creating general ledger master record.

Transaction code: – OBD4
Menu Path: – SPRO – Financial Accounting – General Ledger Accounting — G/L Accounts — Master Data — Preparations — Define Account Group.

step 1

Enter T Code or menu path as given above  “OBD4” in the SAP command field and enter.

Enter T code

Step 2)

Go to  change view “G/L Account Groups” overview screen, click on new entries to add new entries in  the accounts.

new entries in SAP Fi

On new entries account group screen, update the following details.

  • Chrt/Accts: –  Its gives the chart of accounts key for which you are creating account group in SAP.
  • Acct Group: – Enter the account group key, you are allowed up to 4 digits.
  • Name: – Update the complete name of the account group.
    From Account: – Update starting number of account group as like to assign to that particular grooup.
  • To Account: – Update the last number of account group as like to assign to that particular group
  • accounts group in SAP fi

After creating the details, click on save button.

new request number is generatedrequest number is generated in SAP FI

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