How to perform a Journal Entry Posting FB50 in SAP

How to perform a Journal Entry Posting FB50 in SAP

  • Enter T code > FB50
  • Provide the company code

tcode fb05


Enter the date in the documents as shown

In the fb50 screen enter all your details for posting a journal entry

1- Document date– Enter the document date. This can be any reference date. This is not the accounting date.

2- Posting date– This is the date that it hits the accounting books. The posting period is determined from this date.

3- Reference- Enter any reference that will explain why this entry was made.

4- Header text– This is the text that appears on the header. This can be any text to identify the document.

5- Document type- The document type SA is used by default. This is the standard document type used to identify manual journal entries. You can change this document type if there is a need, but in general, there is no need to change it. ( Document type creation is explained here)

6- G/L account- Enter the G/L accounts for which you are making the journal entry. Make sure that you enter the right G/L account corresponding to the Debit/Credit.

7- D/C-Enter the debit and credit flag for this G/L

8- Amount – Enter the debit and credit amount. The balance should finally equal to 0.

9- Cost center– Enter the cost center if it is a P/L account. You can enter other details as required.

jornal entry in sap



You will see a green light when the debit and credit match. You cannot post if these two do not match.

debit crdit match



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