What company and how to define Company and company code in SAP FI ?

What is Company in SAP FI?


A Company is functional units in enterprise and use in reporting. For which individuals’ financial statements can be shown according to the legal requirement of that country. A consist of two or more company code . A company is SAP is donated by five-character alphanumeric code.


Difference between company and company code?

A company is an organizational unit used in the legal consolidation module to roll up financial statements of several company codes. The Company Code is the smallest organizational unit for which a completely self-contained set of accounts can be drawn up for purposes of external reporting.

How to create company in SAP

  1. Enter transaction code SPRO in the command field
transaction code SPRO
transaction code SPRO

2. In the next screen Select SAP reference IMG

SAP reference IMG
SAP reference IMG

3. in the next screen follow the path to

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Enterprise Structure -> Definition-> Financial Accounting -> Define Company

In the next screen select new entries

display IMG path

4. Press new entries

press new entries in SAP FI
press new entries in SAP FI

Step 5

  •  In the next Screen Enter the Company Details :
company creation screen SAP FI
company creation screen SAP FI
  • Enter a unique Company Id for the Company within your corporate group
  • Enter the Company Name.
  • In the Detailed Information Section Enter the Company Address details such as Street, PO Box, Postal Code, City
  • Select Country code for the country the company is established
  • Select the Default language for the Company for Print forms and Default Texts
  • Select a Local Currency for the Company

save the company and request number will be generated

request number is generated in SAP FI


A company code represents a separate legal entity for which a complete set of books of accounts is maintained necessary to prepare the legal financial statement because we have to prepare the financial statement according to the legal requirement of the country.

Example India where we have to prepare financial statements according to Indian company act schedule VI. Without the company code, we cannot configure any setting.

All these sets of books of accounts are maintained in reference to an entity. That entity is called the Company code. Their definition of company code is mandatory.

Step 1.

When you log in to SAP screen there are two types of access in SAP or Enter transaction request OX02 in the SAP command field and enter to continue.

  • SAP easy access: where the end-user will work
  • SAP IMG: where implementation consultant will work


For implementation guide type in search box

SPRO>Enterprise Structure>definition> financial accounting >edit copy delete or check company code

A screen is given below:

company code creation in SAP FI

Step 2 .

  1. On change view “company code” overview display with the list of company code with their name. click on new entries button to create a new company code as per company requirement.

Click for new company new window of SAP FI system shows.

Step 3.

On new entries company code screen, update the following details.


Company code: alphanumeric 4 digit that defines the company in SAP

Company Name: that update the name of the company

City: Enter the name of the company where it is located.

Country: Enter the name of the company. Press F4 for possible entries and you can select the code from the list.

Note :(If country is not in the list it can be defined also)

Currency: The currency is called as the local currency.

Language: Our default language key is English(En)


Step 4.

Click to save

A new screen is addressed is display as shown below

Type the list

The company, company name address and the details

Step 5.

Now you get the transport request number. Save the request.

request screen SAP FI

Step 6

How to check the assign company code List in SAP Fi

SPRO>Enterprise Structure>Assignment> financial accounting >Assign company code to the company.

assign company code list is SAP FI
assign company code list is SAP FI

Step 7

company code created will be in the list shown above

Now find your company and assign your company by typing it .

Step 9

Save it

Now you get the transport request number. Save the request.

request screen SAP FI


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