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The increasing adoption of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and other technologies suggests that the role of humans in the economy will shrink drastically, wiping out millions of jobs in the process. COVID-19 accelerated this effect in 2020 and will likely boost digitization, and perhaps establish it permanently, in some areas.

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Big Data will create 4.4 million jobs over the next two years

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Why to become data scientist ?

1 Growing Demand

Data science stays a vocation on the ascent, reliably viewed as one of the most popular fields for a large part of the previous decade, and in 2021 this gives no indication of dialing back by any means.


Not exclusively is the interest for Data scientist blasting, however the sorts of occupation positions are additionally bountiful. A Data Scientist become the dominant focal point in navigation, an ever-increasing number of organizations are recruiting Data Scientist. Since it is a somewhat less soaked region with a moderate stock of ability, openings requiring assorted ranges of abilities and skills are accessible today. As indicated by Glassdoor, an Data Scientist can procure 700000 each year overall in India.

3.Further, developing Product standard

Utilization of AI has empowered organizations to tweak their contributions and improve client encounters. Internet business locales fill in as the best illustration of this turn of events. The sites use Recommendation Systems to allude items and offer customized guidance to clients dependent on their past buys. By understanding human conduct and support choices with information, organizations can coordinate with their items and administrations to client needs and make the fundamental enhancements

4.Easy to Get a Job

Simple to Get a Job – Today’s IT industry needs countless information researchers when contrasted with the new past. As the field is thriving with harmony speed, the business has named it as one of the requesting occupations of the current age. A large portion of the organizations in the IT area and web based business associations need countless information researchers today wherein new companies also aren’t lingering behind. Regardless of whether you find a new line of work in a MNC, you don’t need to stress much as you can get a simple section into a center level association or a recently set-up firm well.

5. Data Science Improves Data

Data Science Improves Data
Data scientists are needed by businesses to process and evaluate their data. They not only analyse but also improve the quality of the data. As a result, Data Science is concerned with enriching data and making it more useful to their business. Data Science Improves Data
Data scientists are needed by businesses to process and evaluate their data. They not only analyse but also improve the quality of the data. As a result, Data Science is concerned with enriching data and making it more useful to their business.

6.There will be no more tedious tasks.

Various sectors have used data science to automate superfluous tasks. Companies are training machines to execute repetitive activities using past data. This has made formerly difficult jobs easier for people.

7.Positions in Abundance

Only a few people possess all of the necessary skills to become a full-fledged Data Scientist. As a result, Data Science is less saturated than other IT areas.

As a result, Data Science is a hugely diverse field with several prospects. The discipline of data science is in high demand, however there are few Data Scientists available.

Data Science Can Help You Grow As A Person

Data Science Can Help You Grow As A Person
Data Science will not only provide you with a rewarding profession, but will also assist you in personal development. You will be able to approach problems with a problem-solving mindset. Because many Data Science jobs combine IT and management, you’ll get the best of both worlds.


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In this course, you follow 4 steps students have to go through to land a dream job in the Data Science domain.

  • Enroll in the program.
  • Learning.
  • Certification.
  • Placement.

Enroll in the program.

Anyone looking high-growth career in the field of data science can join this program.

Learning :

You can follow a personalized learning path based on your prior knowledge and the amount of time you are willing to commit to this program.

  • Duration: months
  • Flexible learning schedule 
  • live classes
  • mentorship
  • Pass competency test
  • Earn Certificate
  • Get a Job.

Path to Success

  • Eligibility: Undergraduate/Graduates
  • Intensive Job preparation
  • Profile sharing with hiring partners.
  • Land your dream Job guarantee.

We succeed only when you succeed thus we are determinant and relentless in providing access to the best data scientists job.


How your journey start at Vista Academy

As soon as you join, you assign a trainer who is your point of contact for the entire placement process.

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Future belongs to data scientist

Data Science Statistics

  • Data analytics, according to 47% of companies, has fundamentally or significantly changed how their industries compete.
  • Data analytics has given nearly 62 percent of retail companies a competitive advantage.
  • For 40% of firms, effectively managing unstructured data to extract relevant business insights is a high priority.
  • According to a CrowdFlower survey, 50 percent of data scientists claimed they are “thrilled” with their careers, and 90 percent indicated they are satisfied with their work.

FAQ data Science

Apply to land your dream job

The six steps of the data science process are as follows:

  • Frame the problem
  • Collect the raw data needed for your problem
  • Process the data for analysis
  • Explore the data
  • Perform in-depth analysis
  • Communicate results of the analysis


As the data science process stages help in converting raw data into monetary gains and overall profits, any data scientist should be well aware of the process and its significance. Now, let us discuss these steps in detail.

Customer satisfaction, Credit risk management, Climate change, air pollution, poverty, and many other extreme problems can be solved by data scientists in the long term with their expertise. They solve the problems of companies and businesses by giving transformative services and products in every sector of today’s industry.

  • If you are not Curious
  • If you are not Motivated
  • If you can't dream and Visualized.

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