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Banking and Finance course

Banking Finance Course in Dehradun

Banking finance Course

As we all know, data has been the driving force behind numerous industries and organisations. And one area where it offers a lot of value is banking and finance, which deals with money. Finance plays a critical part in increasing a company’s value and growth, and banking facilitates asset and wealth generation. Banking and finance, as major business and economic functions, overlap with analytics since they interact with data on a daily basis. Using analytics to analyse financial data offers up a whole new world of information and understanding about the company, the market, its performance, and its growth.


A course imbibed with the latest software and practical training as needed by employers.

Banking and Finance analytics Course

The banking industry has evolved into a commodity, with nearly every bank selling similar products and services. To stay competitive, a data analytics-driven approach focused on customer analytics can be a key difference in terms of increasing bank market share and profitability while also improving customer service.

In India, the analytics market is expanding at a rapid pace. “While the analytics business in India has progressed in terms of adoption across industries, it is still far from realising its full potential. We need a more serious approach to make analytics a key business function and an intrinsic component of day-to-day decision-making,” says the author.

What this essentially means is a successful analytics professional in the banking and finance sector needs to have a well-balanced amalgamation of business domain knowledge, technical proficiency, and thought leadership.

Companies must adapt to these changes in a planned and thorough manner as the finance industry rapidly advances toward data-driven optimization. Financial businesses will be able to fully use the capabilities of unstructured and high volume data, identify competitive advantages, and develop new market opportunities with efficient technology solutions that satisfy the advanced analytical demands of digital transformation.



However, first and foremost, businesses must understand the value of big data technology solutions and what they imply for their consumers and business processes.

Why students should learn financial analytics

With data becoming an integral part of our everyday routine, these data are collected by many organisations, and crucial information is retrieved from them to generate profits for the business. Many of you might have heard about analytics which is as demanding and popular in today’s market. Data analytics is applicable in many fields like technology, finance, advertising, government, telecom, education, healthcare.



Microsoft Office Excel was designed to support accounting and Finance functions such as budgeting, preparing financial statements and creating balance sheets. It integrates with external data to allow you to import and export banking information and financial data to and from other accounting software platforms.

Advantages of advancing your education Excel

  • Making Improvements to Your Skill Set
  • Increasing Your Productivity and Efficiency
  • Making Yourself a More Valuable Company Member
  • Improving Your Data Organization
  • It Can Make Your Job Easier

Power Bi for Banking Accounting and finance jobs ?

Power BI is the latest Microsoft tool to help you analyse across data sets and really get behind the numbers. It builds on Excel concepts but enables even more powerful data manipulation. It’s a tool that every accountant can benefit from.
A Power BI dashboard in financial operations allows you to monitor and track each of your finance-related KPIs or metrics. How does this help? The financial operations dashboard in Power BI allows you to:

  • Implement better cost and cash management strategies.
  • Track your business expenses and sales revenue.
  • Provide a daily overview of the cash flow in your business and your liquidity status.
  • Track the status of your account payables and account receivables so as to complete all the outstanding payments (due from your clients) and owed payments (to your business vendors and partners).
  • Achieve the financial goals of your company.

Top reason to learn Power BI

  • It’s no price to you. Users that stay within a 1GB data limit can use Power BI for free.
  • Create stunning visualisations by dragging and dropping.
  • It’s simple to collaborate.
    Refreshing the data
  • Querying in Natural Language
  • Drilling down and interactive dashboards
  • Packs of content

How is SQL used in finance and Accounts ?

SQL is an important computing language to learn. It is the language of data and databases. SQL allows us to store and manipulate data so that we can make the best decisions with the data that we have. SQL is perfect for accountants.

It’s an essential skill for the digital age we live in


‍Many would say that software is eating the world and data is the new oil. Learning SQL fundamentally separates you from all others in your role by giving you an extra dimension in your ability to execute. You’ll be able to talk to computers, and access data in its raw form!

Why Should You Learn SQL?

SQL knowledge is in high demand.

  • SQL is regarded as an industry standard.
  • SQL is a simple database management system.
  • SQL enables quick access to important data.
  • SQL serves as a starting point for programming
  • SQL knowledge is in high demand.

Python for Accounts and Finance

Python will turn you into the most productive accountant and Finance  your firm has ever seen. Without wasting your time, this course will teach you key features of Python that accountants need to know.

Python is commonly used in quantitative finance to process and analyze massive datasets, such as financial data. Data visualisation is made easier using libraries like Pandas, which enable for complex statistical analyses.

Top reason to learn python in Finance and Accounts

  • Python Is a Beginner-Friendly Finance Technology
  • Massive libraries to help with data science and analytics activities are gaining in popularity and utilisation all around the world.
  • Top Companies’ Adoption
  • Prospects for Employment
  • Analytical Tools are available.
  • Software for Banking
  • Python is a good testing language.
  • Incredible Versatility and Strong
  • Community Support
  • Language for high-level programming
Computer Accounting online classes and classroom class


Accounting is a crucial skill for anyone interested in a career in finance.

It aids in determining whether a company is profitable.

  • It offers you an estimate of the size of a corporation.
  • It enables you to make use of the past in order to act in the present and alter the future.
  • It is, however, critical that you comprehend it well.
  • If you want to be someone, you should...

a monetary analyst

Financial analytics can assist you in focusing on your company's tangible assets, such as cash and equipment, and measuring and managing them. It gives you a detailed picture of your company's financial situation and helps you enhance cash flow, profitability, and business value.

This course introduces an overview of financial analytics. You will learn why, when, and how to apply financial analytics in real-world situations. You will explore techniques to analyze data and how to evaluate the risk-reward trade off expounded in modern portfolio theory. This techniques can be leverages in other domains. .

After completing this course, you should be able to understand data, create forecasts, and determine the efficacy of the estimates. Also, you will be able to create a Financial reports using actual  data while optimizing risk and reward. Understanding financial data is an important skill as an analyst, manager, or consultant.

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Banking Analytics, or applications of data mining in banking, enhances the performance of the banks by improving how banks segment, target, acquire, and retain customers. Furthermore, improvements in risk management, customer understanding, and fraud empower banks to maintain and grow a profitable customer


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  • Data Science and and data analytics
  • Role and responsibility of data analytics and Data Scientist
  • Tools use in data analytics  and data scientist
  • Carrier Prospects in data analytics and Data Scientist
  • Future growth of Data science.
  • Statistics and math in Data science.
  • Role of python and R in Data science
  • Role of power Bi in Data science and analytics.
  • Tablue in data Analytics 
  • Live hand on live projects which you will learn during the program.
  • Real life example of dat science

This work shop  help you to understand the gap between data and artificial intelligence and

Role of data analytics and data scientist in new digital world and they can contribute to the economy of India and world.

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