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Classroom English Classes

Our mission is to make the largest community of English-speaking people in India as well as across the world, doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a businessman, or a housewife and the one who hesitates & fumbles while speaking in English with others. 

English World is the apt place to come. Students here are trained as per their level of understanding of the English language and the course duration is planned accordingly. On the assessment of the initial test, students are trained in separate batches.

Welcome to the world of the best soft skills programs in Dehradun. The programs available are 

  1. Speak English Fluently and Excel in Your Career
  2. Simple and Practical Techniques to Speak English
  3. Concise Assignments to Practice English
  4. Fix Common English Errors to Speak and Write Precise English
  5. Fix Common Pronunciation Mistakes and Speak English Confidently
  6. Develop Communication Skills to Impress Others
  7. Improve Your Articulation Skills and Explain Your Views Before Your Boss, Interviewer, Clients, or Colleague
  8. Improve Listening Skills to Comprehend Others
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