How to start your career in Data Science Ultimate guide

How to start your career in Data Science with no experience ?

Data science might be 'the sexiest job of the 21st century

India has also been part of this transition, with over 135,000 data science jobs available in the country until the first week of June 2021. That’s right. Post pandemic, businesses across the globe are working towards formulating intelligent data-backed smart decisions, to achieve the ROI.

Data science jobs are exploding in popularity and are fast emerging as one of the highest paying jobs across the world

Who is a Data Scientist?

We are generating more than 2.5 quintillion  bytes of data each year. this pace of data generation is the reason behind the popularity of high-end technologies such as data science artificial intelligence machine learning and so on. The data is the key in data science.

Data science involve extracting, processing and analyzing tons of data at present what we need are tool that can be used to store and manage this vast amount of data.

The data scientist’s role is to interpret large volumes of data and carry out further analysis to find trends in the data and gain a deeper insight into what it all means. Data scientists operate between the business and IT worlds and drive industries by analyzing complex datasets to tease out insights that companies can leverage into actions.

Why is data science a good career to explore?

Data science is one of the most wanted courses to learn.

It has made such a significant amount of promotion in the world of IT divisions from big to small organizations are all currently recruiting employees who are learning in this subject.

Many organizations are searching for those candidates who can function admirably with data. With the help of this, the job chasing becomes easier.

But at present, there is a shortage of data scientists as the market of data scientist is growing day by day. That is why making a career in data science is very important now.


Healthcare industry,

In the healthcare industry, physicians use Data Science to analyze data from wearable trackers to ensure their patients’ well-being and make vital decisions. Data Science also enables hospital managers to reduce waiting time and enhance care.

Banking and Finance

Data Science is widely used in the banking and finance sectors for fraud detection and personalized financial advice.

Transportation providers

Transportation providers use Data Science to enhance the transportation journeys of their customers. For instance, Transport for Delhi maps customer journeys offering personalized transportation details, and manages unexpected circumstances using statistical data.


Retailers use Data Science to enhance customer experience and retention.

Firms to leverage social media

Data Science facilitates firms to leverage social media content to obtain real-time media content usage patterns. This enables the firms to create target audience-specific content, measure content performance, and recommend on-demand content.

Construction companies

Construction companies use Data Science for better decision making by tracking activities, including average time for completing tasks, materials-based expenses, and more.

With Data Science, one can analyze massive graphical data, temporal data, and geospatial data to draw insights. It also helps in seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization.

How to become a Data Scientist ?

Since it is a recent field, there is a very low probability of candidates having an actual degree in Data Science.

Gain Necessary Prerequisite Knowledge

Data Science is a vast field that stems from multiple disciplines of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics.For attaining the knowledge of the basic concepts of Computer Science, you can learn Python and R, the two most popular languages in the field of Data Science.

Learn Data Science

Now, the second important step for becoming a data scientist is to start learning data science. What essentially is Data Science? There are various components in Data Science like data extraction, data transformation, cleaning, visualization, and prediction.


Find real-time Case Studies

Once you have got a good grasp on Data science and the various tools used in Data Science process, you should research and read about different case studies of how big enterprises are using data science to help them improve the organization and its profits.

Start as a data analyst

Data scientists and data analysts are not one and the same, and they are both career fields exploding in popularity.

Work on live projects

Data science is more of a practical field, in which to attain the true knowledge, you have to actually solve real problems by working on live projects. You will get hands-on experience in solving real-world problems, and this will improve your Data Science skills.

Get Certified

getting a certificate will only improve your chances of becoming a Data scientist. An official certification will showcase your skills in Data Science that you have implemented.

Is data science the right career for you?

Vista Academy offers a comprehensive data science Programme.
You’ll work on live projects and learn about data science, data wrangling, machine learning, and Python—and finish it all off with a portfolio-worthy project.

Skills for a Data Scientist

Probability & Statistics

Data Science is about using capital processes, algorithms, or systems to extract knowledge, insights, and make informed decisions from data. In that case, making inferences, estimating, or predicting form an important part of Data Science

Programming, Packages and Softwares

Of course! Data Science essentially is about programming. Programming Skills for Data Science brings together all the fundamental skills needed to transform raw data into actionable insights. While there is no specific rule about the selection of programming language, Python and R are the most favored ones.



Data Wrangling

Data Wrangling is the process where you prepare your data for further analysis; transforming and mapping raw data from one form to another to prep up the data for insights. For data wrangling, you basically acquire data, combine relevant fields, and then cleanse the data.


Database Management

atabase Management quintessentially consists of a group of programs that can edit, index, and manipulate the database. The DBMS accepts a request made for data from an application and instructs the OS to provide specific required data. In large systems, a DBMS helps users to store and retrieve data at any given point of time.


Data Visualization

It gives me the power to craft a story from data and create a comprehensive presentation. Data Visualization is one of the more essential skills because it is not just about representing the final results, but also understand and learn the data and its vulnerability.

Machine Learning

If you work with a company that manages and operates on vast amounts of data, where the decision-making process is data-centric, it may be the case that a demanded skill is Machine Learning.

Microsoft Excel

We know MS Excel as probably one of the best and most popular tools to work with data. We might be hearing, “Hey, did you receive the Excel boss sent? Wait, aren’t we discussing skills for Data Science? Excel? I always wondered there must be some easy way to manage data

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