Exploring Sales Trends and Impact of External Factors power bi data analysis

Power Bi Wallmart Visualizing Store Sales: Patterns, Factors, and Predictive Insights

dataset walmart

In the above data set we will solve following quesion ?

  1. How do weekly sales differ between shops?
  2. What are the overall historical patterns in sales? Are sales rising, falling, or staying the same?
  3. What effect do holidays have on weekly sales? During the weeks approaching holidays, do sales significantly increase or decrease?
  4. Does the temperature have an impact on weekly sales? Do fluctuations in temperature tend to boost or hurt sales?
  5. Is there any relationship between fuel prices and weekly sales? Do higher fuel prices affect consumer spending patterns?
  6. How do weekly sales and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) relate? Do increases in the CPI cause observable changes in sales?
  7. Is there a relationship between weekly sales and the unemployment rate? Do rising unemployment rates and lower sales go hand in hand?
    Do sales follow any definite seasonal patterns?
  8. Do some seasons usually see higher or lower sales?
  9. an sales data be segmented by store attributes such as location or store size to identify any specific trends or patterns?
  10. Can predictive models be developed to forecast future sales based on historical sales data and external factors?

These questions will provide as a starting point for the analysis and study of the dataset, revealing trends, patterns, and insights about the effectiveness of sales and the effects of outside factors on sales.

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