Top 10 reason to Learn Power bi for Data Analysis

Top 10 reason to Learn Power bi for Data Analysis

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Power BI is a business analytics tool that, in the words of Microsoft, “allows you to visualise your data, share insights across your organisation, or embed them in your app or website.”

One image can convey a thousand words. Your data are altered in this way by Power BI. Your data, one of your most precious raw materials, is transformed into rich graphics and statistics that are simple to understand.

Although there are many BI tools available, it would be difficult to find a superior choice. The offering from Microsoft is the best on the market and is affordable. These are the top ten reasons why Power BI is the business intelligence programme you need to pick:

Power BI additionally distinguishes itself through simplified publication and distribution features, as well as connects with other Microsoft products and services. Is it, however, the best option for your company?

The Essentials of Power BI

The following qualities of Power BI contribute to its current level of market ubiquity:

  • Data selection: Power BI gives you the ability to filter datasets and produce pertinent little data chunks. You’ll be able to concentrate on specific datasets and carry out more insightful data analysis as a result.
  • Power BI relies on Navigation Trees and Dashboards that are incredibly responsive across all devices, including Android, iOS, etc. This enables you to view any Report or Graph in depth and without any errors.
  • Seamless Functionalities: Power BI provides you with straightforward drag-and-drop tools to build bespoke reports. In this way, you may simply examine and visualise your data even if you have little to no technical skills. The platform of Power BI also utilises Natural Language Queries. This protects you from investing time and money in learning a difficult query language.
  • Data connectivity is made possible by the abundance of connectors that Power BI has, which enable it to interface with many different external data sources. By doing so, you may conduct high-level data analytics and visualisation tasks by effortlessly connecting your favourite Data Sources to Power BI.

It’s the market leader

You merit the very best. And Microsoft Power BI is the best, easily the best. But don’t just believe what we say. Microsoft BI has held the top spot in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for 13 years running. Microsoft is frequently ranked by Gartner as the BI vendor you ought to use.

It has the lowest price in its class.

The prices of Power BI’s rivals are all at least three times higher. Tableau’s Explorer, for instance, starts at $35 per user per month. The Business licence for Qlik Sense costs $30 per user/month, whereas the Enterprise licence costs $40 per user/month. The base edition of Power BI Pro is even free, and the licencing for each user begins at $9.99 per month.

Power BI is easy to use

Excel, an application that is widely used and globally recognized, is the foundation of Power BI. This makes learning Power BI simple.

However, Power BI offers a very simple and user-friendly interface. Power BI may be used without any programming knowledge. It has intelligence built in that will assist you in choosing the finest characteristics for your reports.

Users may design stunning reports and dashboards with Power BI

Users may design stunning reports and dashboards with Power BI, which has a strong visual component.
One of the key factors contributing to Power BI’s appeal is its capacity to produce stunning dashboards and reports.

Users may engage with the interactive visuals in Power BI and discover new ways to use the data. Users’ unique demands may be catered for by customising the reports and dashboards.

The technologies, in my opinion, do not prevent analysts from producing attractive dashboards and reports.

Your data connection is simple.

Your data connection is simple.
You don’t need to be a data scientist to start connecting Power BI to the majority of the apps you already use because it comes with over 70 out-of-the-box connections. It’s true that Microsoft has made importing all of your data more easier.

It simplifies reporting.

It simplifies reporting.
The days of laboriously preparing PowerPoint slides or Excel documents at the end of each month are over. You may create a template for all the information you want, and it will be automatically exported in the required format. Packing board becomes simple. Additionally, you may combine all of your primary reports and KPIs into a single master dashboard. Then, anytime you need it, you can drill down to access granular-level data.

It has a lot of power.

It has a lot of power.
Power BI has access to Microsoft’s comprehensive machine learning and artificial intelligence engines through the Cortana Intelligence Suite because it is based on the Power Platform and Azure infrastructure of the software giant. Using cutting-edge analytics languages like Python and R inside the software, users may build machine learning models directly. There won’t be any issues with computing power either. Power BI Premium, for instance, can handle tables with more than 100 million records without breaking a sweat.

It is quite secure.

It is quite secure.
In terms of user and data security, Microsoft is the market leader. You shouldn’t have any worries about this as this is an enterprise product. Active Directory, which controls user access, contains all the security levels you’d anticipate and are accustomed to in Office 365. All of this guarantees that your data is secure, whether it is stored locally, on the cloud, or in a combination of both.

You've probably had a licence for it already.

You’ve probably had a licence for it already.
The professional edition of Power BI is already available to businesses with at least an E5 Microsoft Office 365 licence, despite the fact that Power BI may be licenced individually. So why spend money on extra licences for rival products when you undoubtedly already have access to Power BI?

Power BI has a huge online community,

The community is a fantastic resource for finding out more about Power BI and assistance with any issues you might have.

One of the largest and busiest communities is the Power BI community. There are numerous specialists prepared to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing.

Power BI has a tonne of debates going on, as you can see from the Power BI Community, and it seems to have a pretty wide community.

Power BI is available on many platforms

Power BI desktop is is available on Windows, but users can access the Power BI dashboards from various platforms (Windows, browsers, iOS, Android, etc.)

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