Top 10 reasons for Power BI is the finest tool for data analytics

Top 10 reason for Power BI is the finest tool for data analytics

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a data-sharing platform that is hosted in the cloud. You can share your experiences with your colleagues once you’ve created reports with Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View. This is where Power BI comes into play. You may upload Excel workbooks to the cloud and share them with a select set of coworkers using Power BI, which is actually a feature of SharePoint online. Not only that, but your colleagues can use filters and slicers to emphasise data in your reports. They’re finished by Power BI, a straightforward way to share your Microsoft cloud-based analysis and insights.

You may use Power BI features to:


Collaborate with your colleagues on presentations and questions.

Update your Excel file using data from on-site sources.

Power BI for Data Analysis

Visualizations that are interactive and that are simple to integrate with Microsoft software

Power BI adds tremendous value by providing a consolidated view of your company’s performance through stunning visualisations and interactive dashboards. Power Business Intelligence Services Desktop offers a free canvas for drag-and-drop navigation, a large library of interactive visualisations, and easy report creation and publishing in the Power BI service for the analyst at heart. You can also make unique, more complex visualisations with Power BI. Because Microsoft Power BI is part of the Microsoft business product suite, it has tight connectivity with other prominent Microsoft business products and tools including Microsoft Excel, Azure, and SQL Server.

On, you have access to a large library of educational materials.

Microsoft offers a familiar and easy user interface that takes little time to get used to. Users get access to an extensive information base. New users can access tutorials, videos, presentations, and blogs to help them maximise the tool’s potential and solve problems quickly. Not to mention the Microsoft community, which has over a million members who share their experiences and seek solutions to their questions.

Graphics analysis does not necessitate programming knowledge.

Power BI can help analysts who perform graphics analyses on a regular basis. Simple data analysis, fast and dynamic calculations, and a wide range of visualisation options will help you save time when conducting ad-hoc analyses.

Additional data sources

Power BI can connect to more than 60 prominent solutions used by businesses today. Spark, Hadoop, and SAP are just a few examples. Data can be integrated directly with the Power BI engine, so users don’t have to model data in their source systems. The system also works with the most popular operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Power BI has excellent data modelling capabilities.

Data modeling is one of the functions that is used to connect multiple data sources in a BI tool using relationships. The relationship defines how data sources are connected to each other and based on these data valuable visualizations can be created.

With the data modeling function, you can create custom calculations on existing tables. The results of these calculations can be directly presented in Power BI visualizations.

Reports and data analysis are securely shared.

Users can publish their reports and visualisations immediately on the Internet and send them in e-mails using the Microsoft Power BI service. It can be accessed by anyone who is interested. Report access can be restricted to a single person, or a single report can be made available to everyone in the company, but the data displayed can be restricted to a specific group of people. For example, Boston-based sellers have access to solely Boston-based sales data, whereas the company’s CEO gets access to sales across the United States.

Power BI integration is unrestricted. Embedding and the ability to embed in a third-party programme are both available.

Microsoft Power BI’s inventors claim that their solution can be integrated into any software ecosystem. 
Numerous links with major third-party software and Microsoft technologies demonstrate this. 

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft is constantly working to extend the connectivity of this system, enabling users to import even more databases and data sources.

Power BI Pro's data analysis gives you immediate access to reports and dashboards.

You can share desktops and reports with the right people from anywhere in the world using Power BI. The system is also versatile because it works with popular operating systems like as Windows, iOS, and Android. Any updates or changes to the data will trigger alerts, allowing you to quickly analyse the most important KPIs and take strategic action.

Unlimited access to local data (on-premises) and data in the cloud

Power BI stores all local information and data in the cloud in one centralized location that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can also use pre-built links to improve data import from solutions such as Marketo, Salesforce, Google Analytics and many more. Additionally you are able to connect to different types of on-premises data storages such as SQL Server, Oracle or Hadoop. It also have pre build connectors to such cloud storages as Google BigQuery or all storages from Azure offering.

different PowerBI views

Report View: This is the default view that displays data visualisation in reports. You may use a variety of templates and visualisations to build several report pages.

Data View: The converted data is shown in a table format with columns and rows. It also lets you construct new calculated columns for even more information.

Model View, also known as Relationship View, aids in the creation of data model relationships. This view displays all of the models built in the data, allowing you to compare or build diagrams depending on subsets of the model.

Power BI comes in a variety of formats.

Power BI Desktop may be downloaded and installed on your personal computer, allowing you to connect to a data source, convert your data, analyse it, and visualise it using templates.

Power BI services include: It is a SaaS (software as a service) cloud-based service (software as a service). You can also link to data here, although modelling options are limited.

Power BI mobile app: The PowerBI app, which is available for iOs, Android, and even Windows, allows users to securely access dashboards and reports from any device.

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