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What does the course offer?

The Data Analytics Course covers technologies like Excel, Advanced Excel, Tableau, SQL, Power BI, Basics of R & Python. Apart from the theory classes, there are hands-on assignments and projects that help you apply the concepts that are learned by a student.

Python programming

Python programming is the most popular and powerful programing language used nearly in all AI and machine learning operations. It is a highly sought-after skill by software professionals, app developers and beginner programmers. This powerful object-oriented programming language is featured with high extensibility, large standard library, portability and embed-ability making it popular in domains of data analysis and visualization, AI and machine learning, application back-end framing, desktop app development and much more.

R programming

R is a dominant open-source programming language in the field of data analysis, statistics and data visualization. The ability to provide high-end support to statistical and graphical techniques such as linear/ nonlinear modelling, time-series analysis, clustering and many more, makes it highly extensible and popular amongst data analysts and data scientists. Used for statistical computing, R language helps in effective data manipulation across enterprisess.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an important tool for data analysis. It helps companies accurately assess situations and make better business decisions.

Tableau Analytics

In this Tableau blog, you’ll learn about what Tableau is, what it is used for, how Tableau works, and so on one by one from scratch. Tableau software is one of the fastest growing data visualization tools which is currently being used in the BI industry. It is the best way to change or transform the raw set of data into an easily understandable format with zero technical skills and coding knowledge.


Power BI. Unify data from many sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results.

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.


Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business intelligence (BI), reporting, and data visualization products and services for individuals and teams.



Structured Query Language (SQL) has been around for decades. It is a programming language used for managing the data held in relational databases. A data analyst can use SQL to access, read, manipulate, and analyze the data stored in a database and generate useful insights to drive an informed decision-making process


Experience plays a deciding role in finalising the salary of a data analyst. One’s experience in the field depicts more extensive knowledge, practical solutions, agile working and leadership skills to train others. Therefore, an analyst in the industry for more than three years will have an increased payment than the salary of a data analyst for a fresher.

The average pay structure for data analyst based on experience is as following:

Entry Level (> 1 yr of experience) – ₹342,363/yr
Early Career (1-4 yrs of experience) – ₹422,408/yr
Mid- Career (5-9 yrs of experience) – ₹690,734/yr
Experienced (>10 yrs of experience) – ₹942,653 to ₹1,750,000/yr
Data Analyst Salary: Based on Location
The salary of a data analyst for a fresher might be different if located in Mumbai from the data analyst salary in Bangalore. This is because the location is among one of the factors affecting the data analyst job salary.

Every city or state has a different cost of living and demand of the profession and accordingly the pay is decided.

Job Roles in Data Analysis

Job Roles in Data Analysis
Marketing Analyst
Business Intelligence

  • Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Risk Analyst

Growth of data

  • With the rise of various social media platform and multinational companies across the globe the generation of data has increased
  • Data has grown vastly on the last decade and expected to reach 175 zeta bite in 2025 according to international data corporation.
  • Companies are on the lookout of professional who turns raw data into crucial insight. Hence there is and there will be a constant demand for professional in this field.
  • Organization are lookout for such candidates.

What is data analytics ?

  • Analyze means of scrutinized something to find our meaningful conclusion from it.
  • Data analytics also work similar. It is the process by which useful insight are extracted from raw data.
  • By studying and examining carefully this insight are important for business trends, market innovation and market trends profit loss report etc.
  • Data analytics is the term as the process of extracting meaningful insight such as hidden patterns, market trends, and customer preferences are done by the study of procured data.Example converting jig saw puzzle into beautiful pictures.
  • This information can be converted into graph and chats which provides precise result of the analysis.
  • Various technologies tools and framework are used in the analysis process.
  • Organization take the benefit of data analytics to convert the raw data into meaningful insight.
  • Therefore, there is high requirement of skill in data analytics.

                                       Raw data to meaningful insight

Job role in data analytics

  • There are many job roles that can be taken up by fresh candidates.
  • It is a lucrative field as the role of data analytics only going to continue to blossom in the years to come.

Who is data analyst ?

  • A data analyst is a professional who works on collecting, processing and analyzing a large dataset.
  • Static analysis is done on various data.
  • Every business generate data be it marketing ,sales ,research , customer feedback,customer behavior, logistic and transportation.
  • A data analyst will take this data and take various measures such as how to price new product, how to cost cutting ,how to innovate better products.

Responsibilities of data analytics

  • Gather information
  • Gather information form querying and also maintain and design database.
  • Data analytics write complex SQL queryines and script to gather and extract information
  • From several databases and data warehouses.
  • Mining Data is mine from various sources and then organized in order to obtain a new information from it.It is vital role of data analyst.
  • Data analyst collect data from various sources and work on it.
  • Now with this data, we can use a model for it and reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of the whole system.


  • Use various statical tools and programming language for analytical and logical examination of data.
  • Using different libraries and packages data analysis discover trends and patten from complex data set.This help them to find more unseen insight from the data to make business predictions.

Preparer summary report

  • Prepare summary report for the leadership team.
  • This is done with the help of data visualization.
  • So that they can make timely decisions.
  • Data analytics use multiple data visualization tools.

Skill required

  • Hold a degree or even Intermediate.
  • Knowledge of language of language like R ,Python and java script.
  • This will help you solve complex problem
  • You should have experience with data bases and data analysis tools.
  • Knowledge of MS Excel ,Matlab SQL queries etc.
  • Should have understanding of statistics and machine learning.
  • Experience of using several data visualization tools.
  • Good presentation skills.
Last Its requirements’ curious ,Judgmental ,argumentative 

Average annual salary

  • In US 45000 $ – 83000$

  • In India 400000 – Rs 1000000

Companies hiring data analytics

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Wall mart
  • Paytm
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • apple
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Why to do Data analytics training ?

Why everybody should learn data analytics

There’s no doubting that analytics isn’t only the way of the future; it’s also the way of the present. Analytics is currently employed everywhere from airline route planning to predictive maintenance analysis in manufacturing plants, having been adopted in a wide range of industries. Even industries that would not be associated with big data, such as retail, are adopting analytics to boost consumer loyalty and personalize unique offerings.