Vista Academy is a prime institute in Dehradun Uttarakhand. We provide training in the field of training for Best data science and Best data analytics training.

Our Courses in Data Science and Data Analytics start from scratch and step by step guidiance support to students.
Uttarakhand’s most trusted Education platform.

We are run by an expert in the field of Data science and Data Analytics with 5 years of experience. Our Sr. Data Scientist and his Team already trained +2000 students and transformed their life.

Our Mission

Vista Academy at Dehradun India endeavors to be best training in Data Science and data Analytics Training. 

Our mission is to make Uttarakhand IT hub with our excellence in education in Data Science and Data analytics education.

Why Vista Academy

100% Placement Support.
Expert Faculty.
Practical Training.
Soft Skills Training
Mock Interview Sessions
Training to Placement approach

Why vista Academy is the best

We’ve been doing this for a while now, and we’ve been able to train pupils simply by following a certain Easy-To-Do & Step-By-Step Learning method.

Data analytics and data science are in high demand and can provide you with valuable skills.

project management, critical thinking, and problem-solving are all crucial transferable abilities.

and provide chances in a variety of businesses as data managers, data consultants, and consumer and market research analysts.

Chief data officers, big data architects, and company “knowledge managers”

Its great pleasure to see our students doing great in Corporate field.

Data scientists are in higher demand than ever before.

Data scientists are in higher demand than ever before.
India Inc is seeing significant digitization of its industries and services, making it the world’s second-largest data science hub. According to analysts, the country would have over 11 million employment opportunities by 2026. Indeed, the data science field has seen a 46 percent surge in recruiting since 2019.

Despite this, roughly 93,000 Data Science positions were open in India by the end of August 2020. 70% of the job openings were for people with less than five years of experience.
By times of India and India today article

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