Companies Who Don't Demand a College Degree

Top Companies Who Don’t Demand a College Degree

The majority of people, especially in India, think that a college degree is necessary to work in business or in a white-collar profession. And certainly, the majority of businesses do want a graduate degree, but not all firms do. There are still some companies that are prepared to take a chance on people. If you are enthusiastic and have the right attitude, you can get the job with or without a degree.

Many prominent companies, including Apple and Google, are now hiring people without degrees because they are looking for intelligent, bright people who, with the right training and work experience, can become excellent assets for the organisation.

For some of us, college may be quite expensive and time-consuming.

Google office


The first company that springs to mind that doesn’t require a college degree is Google, whose founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are both high-achieving entrepreneurs who chose to pursue their dreams above their educations.

Although it is straightforward to get a job at Google, keep in mind that the company requires particular skills and professional expertise. If you lack the required skills, you won’t get hired even if you don’t have a college degree or certificate. They want to see evidence that you can help the business succeed.


As was previously said, the majority of successful businessmen were college dropouts. One of them is Steve Jobs. Additionally, he was a college dropout, but that didn’t stop him from creating a trillion-dollar company.

Apple has also made it clear that having a degree is not necessary; instead, they are searching for candidates with the appropriate talents and job-related competencies. It all comes down to training since at these large corporations, new hires typically receive training before becoming full-fledged employees.

Netflix office


Unlike the previous two, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, the founders of Netflix, did not drop out of college, but like other major organisations, Netflix only employs people who are qualified for the position and have the essential abilities. There are still certain job vacancies at Netflix that you may apply for and obtain the job if you meet the qualifications they are seeking for, even if you don’t have a college degree.


You may apply and acquire a job at Starbucks even if you have no prior barista or similar experience since the company offers training to its newly recruited workers so that they can be helpful to the company and do their jobs efficiently.

The majority of people who have worked at Starbucks will tell you that while they were hired without any experience, they now know all there is to know about the coffee industry as a result of the company’s training and on-the-job experience. A person’s education and professional experience may also be used to launch their own business.

Zoho office


In India, Zoho is seeking candidates with no graduate education but a desire to learn and grow. Following the completion of the training period, newly hired persons are qualified to join the organisation and begin working as full-time workers.

Zoho prioritises ability and abilities over academic certificates. However, a person must have finished the 12th grade to be qualified for the programme. Although a graduate degree is not required by the organisation, a certificate of completion of the 12th grade is.

Qburst office


A product design and consulting company with headquarters in the US is called QBurst. It employs workers from India as well as the rest of the world. Without a college degree or other credential, a person can still have a chance to work for the organisation, but they must have experience and a high level of knowledge in their field. One must demonstrate excellent work history and possess deep subject understanding.


With the promise of employment, IBM is one of the businesses that offers technical assistance and training to people all around the world. The business offers instruction and all the equipment required to turn trainees into valuable assets. No college diploma or other credential is necessary, and applying is simple.


The business is well renowned for supplying fresh food that is organic and hasn’t had any chemicals or preservatives added. The organisation does not require a college degree to join, but applicants must possess the skill they are seeking. The firm offers various benefits to employees, including a 20% in-store discount, mental health support, and many more.

Hilton office


Hilton is a hotel chain with properties all over the world and is headquartered in the United States. No college degree is necessary to apply for a position with the organisation. So working for a large company and gaining expertise might be a terrific chance. For new hires who wish to learn and acquire experience, the firm also offers internships.

Bank of America

Bank of America

Bank of America,

The American global investment bank and financial services provider Bank of America, usually known as BOA, is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hong Kong, Toronto, Dallas, and New York are just a few of the locations that the bank has across the world. One may apply to the company without a degree and get a lot of knowledge while working there.

Final thought

College degrees are helpful but not necessary for employment. Some big businesses recruit people based more on their talents and aptitudes than their educational background. Without a college degree, it may take a lot of work for someone to obtain a position at a large organisation, but after completing the necessary training and education, they are prepared to begin working there full-time.

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