What is the journal entry for cheque dishonoured?

What is the journal entry for cheque dishonoured?

What is the journal entry for cheque dishonoured?

dishour of cheque

When a business received a cheque it debited its bank account and credited it party from which cheque is received.

Now understand it with example 

Example 1

Sales made to Mr Mohan by cheque Rs 10,000.

Journal entry of same will be :

Bank A/c Dr


   To Sales A/c


(being goods

Bank is Personal A/c as per Personal account Debit the receiver

Sales is Nominal A/c  as per Nominal account Credit all income and
gains Sales is income.

Cheque Dishonored by Bank

The cheque received from Mohan dishonoured and the bank has charged Rs 550 as bank charges.

Now this Rs 550 charge is levied by the bank to us because of Mohan therefore that needs to be taken from Mohan with the cheque amount 

Cheque amount entry

Mohan A/c Dr


   To Bank A/c


(being cheque dishonoured )

·         This is an adjustment entry where we Debit Mohan as to make him our debtors.

·         Bank is credited because we adjusted the bank which we debited earlier to credit it now to make adjustments in our bank account.

The bank charged of a dishonoured cheque need to taken from Mohan.

Bank charges A/c Dr


   To Bank


(being cheque

dishonoured charges  )

Adjustment of bank Charges.

Mohan  Dr


   To Bank charges A/c


(being cheque dishonoured charges  to be taken from Mohan)

At the end Mohan is liable to pay us Rs 10,500.


Ledger of Party in Dishonoured cheque

Ledger of Mohan in Dishonor of cheque .
Particular Amount Particular Amount
To Bank 10000
To bank Charges    550
By bal C/d 10,550
10,550 10,550
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